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To-Keiki Products Distribution Representative

Nowadays, industries in Viet Nam have been developing dramatically. All projects improve production line more and more investment in order to meet production in time and to be born new factories, enterprises to prove this development. This leads to the demand of machine equipment much more and more and variety. All companies have the demand of machine equipment, also requesting more to Suppliers: PRICE, PRODUCT QUALITY. THUY KHI DIEN COMPANY have got in touch the trend of  Viet Nam market, so we have found a lot of equipment producers with prestige in the world  and we have recognized that products of Tokimec/Japan (Tokyo-Keiki) are suitable with standard of requiring Viet Nam market. 

From now on, we have been distribution Representative for Tokimec in Viet Nam Market, this is the range of advanced quality products. The products Tokimec have been applied in some industries which require strictness on quality: Ship, Aviation, Automobile … Our company expect to bring customers for products which are safe about quality.

Your success is also mainly ours!

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